WordPress Tutorials and cheatsheets

Here you will find the current list of WordPress Tutorials and Cheatsheets. I say cheat sheets but in reality they are shortcuts to various outcomes in WordPress. Most of us don't need to go through the pain of reading every technical article on the subject just to find the simple answer. A Lot of articles by various experienced WordPress users are available on the web. Here is my offering drawn together in one place.

In the following tutorials we Address: -

  • Adding an Email Contact form and setting up the mail system (not so scary as it sounds because plugins make it happen).
  • Photos/Images: - Can be large file sizes and eat into our available disc-space on our hosting account server. Best practice to overcome this.
  • Child-Themes: - What are they and how do they help me achieve that perfect look?
  • Gutenberg, page builders and block editors: - What works best for my site.
  • Security
  • WordPress and Plugin updates: - Do I need to do anything?
  • Social Media and my Website.
  • Can I have a Shop or sell things on my Website and how to achieve this.