Rampant shiny objects

Hi folks, I would like to share a post with you today that i came across in one of the forums I am a member of. Spencer Madden is the author and he describes a syndrome that is the major stumbbling block very many people trying to build an Online business. Read on....


Give me MORE... info, media and consumables! NOW
Yup, this use to be the mentality I woke-up with every single day.
Quite frankly, up until a year ago, I was this to a T!
After being in the hyper-techno social media business space for several years, you see it all!

Rampant shiny objects. Supposedly fail-proof strategies. People selling their “solutions”.

And... they all offer one thing: more info... for FREE!
Cheatsheets, training video series (with no pitch, of course!), ebooks...

FREE FOR YOU RIGHT NOW! (just submit your email kindly!)

You download it, you open it and you do what....


I will be the first to stand up and admit that I have a huge collection of lead magnets that are in my trash folder...
AND a spam box full of “gurus” and “experts” pitching me... (go ahead and use the list cleaner in your CRM, save some if you dare.

I was addicted to getting all the info and not actually implementing!

The results were that my business was stagnant, my mind was cluttered and the possibility of scaling to 7 figures was a far off dream! Not to mention, business didn't feel very sacred!
Here is the stone-cold truth (take it or leave it!):

Grabbing free info obsessively is a symptom of our instant gratification society... consume and move on... rinse and repeat.

After a breakthrough when I was about to pack in my business... this vicious cycle gave me an insight: info is just that... info!
It is the strategic IMPLEMENTATION of said info that drives results in your sacred business!

We get caught up in the consumption rather than implementation... Always seeking more, more and more.

This is exactly why our current economic models are failing! More, better, faster, NOW are not providing us with what we need: strategic, soulful, aligned, heart-centered implementation!

I failed to recognize that in order to successfully implement, I needed help... far more than a free cheat-sheet.

To unleash your business, in an aligned YET streamlined manner, so that you can help drive the impact you were meant to...you must invest in yourself!

Yes, paying for support and for implementation process is the way to radically expand your sacred business!
When I got a coach, hired professionals, started paying to go live events, investing in group programs, everything shifted... in a very short time!

When I started the implementation process, I followed a super simple sequence that I still use to this day:

Find the person who I was resonating with the most (their business, their leadership)

Find out how to get involved with them (product, course, hire, collaborate)

Implement everything you learn... every single day

Ditch the desire for continuous free info. Follow one or two business leaders, get involved with them and implement. Clean up your newsfeed and consumption habits.

Stop being a symptom of hyper-techno business and start being the implementation of your sacred business.
Trust me when I say this transformed my business... and quite frankly, my approach to entrepreneurship.

Drop the endless consumption and start into focused implementation!

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