Welcome to the site! If your search landed you here, then there is a good chance you are curious about having an Online presence. The world has become a much more accessible to us in many ways. The ability to travel and see more of the world is no longer the realm of explorer discovering previously unknown lands. The world is generally well charted and no longer requires mounting an expedition with Royal sponsorship, a fleet of ships and  backing from a scientific society to explore it. International travel is possible for pretty much anyone with a mind to do so. And where there is a will there is a way.

There are many  people these days who have taken that initiative. They have been and seen places far beyond the dreams of their forebears. A further portion have chosen to make a lifestyle based on that freedom. That group though born in one country choose to live elsewhere - which may include one or more countries around the world.

The term "Expat" is often used to describe this group.

This lifestyle has its own set of issues that need to be addressed to make it possible. Only you will know which ones are relevant to you being able to maintain this lifestyle.

While it is possible to gain suitable employment in many of these various locations,  there are often restrictions governing working in a country where you are no a native resident. Work permits, restricted industries and professions are often encountered. Research before you travel is obviously a critical part of this decision.

There are opportunities to base your presence and activities on the  web. Doing so is an effective way used to do business, offer services, communicate and be found from any browser in the world - a big audience that is growing by the day. Remember this is not only people sitting at home or in an office using a personal computer. It used to be. Now with the advent of smartphones tablets etc there are more people in more places online for more hours every day. The benefit working online does not tie you down to a bricks and mortar address. You maintain your freedom, you work from wherever you are and still reach the same people.

So how do you do it? Read more